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Bulk Messaging

FROG, The leading Bulk SMS provider in Ghana. Providing the lowest and unbeatable Bulk Messaging prices in Ghana.

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Do you own a business or have people you want to reach out to? Thinking of how to get that text message to that group of people / members with your identity intact? For example, so they know it is coming from Audacious, WIGAL, Watchwithwilliam, EngineersKasa, Hairteaze, Abena, Bonney, Hairmaison, Blaqasection? Even when they don’t have your number saved? FROG Bulk Messaging it is.


Bulk SMS

We provide the lowest and unbeatable Bulk SMS pricing to all mobile network in Ghana.Do you want to have an excellent bulk messaging experience ? Choose FROG!!!



IVR Interactive voice response is an automated system that allows you to access information from target audience through outgoing calls or voice message without having to speak to an agent


Voice SMS

Our Voice SMS makes it easy to use Text to Speech, Call to Record, Audio Upload and IVR features to send messages and also receive feedback from your loved ones.


Bulk Email

Send a simple or bulk electronic mail to Groups or contacts from your file (excel) on the go to as many people as you want with your Sender email and Name intact.

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Make the most of your bulk messaging marketing, customer engagement & retention campaigns with our award-winning features. have your number saved? FROG Bulk Messaging it is.

Track SMS Campaign Metrics

API fOR Developers

Customized IVR Call Flow

Bulk Messaging

Text to speech

Voice Logger and Archiver

Multi Language Support

Reporting & Dashboards

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