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Bulk Payment

ASAP is a bulk payment service that allows you to make instant bulk payment to multiple accounts at a click of a button. Asap bulk payment service handles payments to both mobile money wallets and bank account within Ghana

Reasons for using a bulk payment service

Bulk payments software aid in reducing the burden your company’s general accounting and financing actives.

Bulk payment service can be used to make payments to a variety of suppliers, employees, contractors and more instantly.

Bulk payment service is a faster way of making multiple payments to different accounts from one account.

Why Choose ASAP

ASAP helps in your account reconciliations by providing you with a clear report on every transaction made.
Transactions made from ASAP bulk payment sevice is safe, fast and secure.
Transactions made from ASAP bulk payment service are processed and delivered instantly.
Our transitional charges are very competitive and affordable.

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